Lady Audio #19 with Randy “Rare” Resnick

September 25, 2016

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You're in for a real treat this week with Randy "Rare" Resnick, a guitarist with a fabulous and rich history. He's played and recorded with several legendary artists including Don Sugarcane Harris, John Lee Hooker, John Mayall, and many others. He has developed his own style of playing that is very unique in the blues genre. Here are the questions I had the opportunity to ask him.

What are you using these days to record your music?

When you have a musical idea that you would like to develop into a full song, what do you use to capture it? I use a little digital recorder, but I wondered what you used and why.

Is there a difference in which guitar you choose for recording as opposed to a live show? For instance, we have a Fender Telecaster that I hate to play live, but it has a great tone for recording, so even though I play my Bronco or Strat at a live show, frequently I’ll turn to the Telecaster for the recordings.

The vocal on the song Woman In White is very warm and smooth. What are the details of how the vocal was recorded?

In the bridge at around 2 minutes in, it sounds like the finger picking is muted ever so slightly and elegantly, and then the lead guitar comes in. What type of distortion did you use?

Who were the other musicians on Woman In White?

What do you think are the main differences between recording digitally and recording with analog equipment?

Do you prefer having an audio engineer record you in a studio or do you like having the flexibility and control of recording your music yourself?

Now going back a bit further in your career, how did the band Pure Food and Drug Act get started?

When did you start using the tapping technique? It really seems to define your sound.

How did you get exposed to blues music?

You’ve played with quite a few influential musicians, and I know you have many stories to tell. Do you think you’ll ever write a book with all the details of your history?

Will you please tell the story of giving George Harrison a guitar?

I want to develop more speed in my own guitar playing, do you have any exercises you can share with me?


Links and notable mentions from the podcast interview...

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Woman In White was recorded at Aston Studios in Paris, which has since been repurposed. Marten Ingle played bass and Danny Montgomery played drums. It was mixed by Steve Forward, who has worked with Ray Charles and a bunch of very good artists.

Other musicians and instruments mentioned in the interview... Marten Ingle, Danny Montgomery, John Mayall, Pure Food and Drug Act, Don "Sugarcane" Harris, Harvey Mandel, Paul Lagos, Larry Taylor, Tom Waits, Fresh Air Tavern, John Coltrane, Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Logic Pro X, BB King, Freddy King, Albert King, Albert Collins, The Beatles, Rickenbacker


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