Lady Audio #20 with Dragons In Gardens

October 3, 2016

Hey everyone! How the heck are ya?

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This week’s guests are from a music project called Dragons In Gardens. They create music that crosses genres like electronica mixed with psychedelic indie hip hop. It's really different and lovely too. Here are some of the questions I got to ask them. Enjoy the show!

How did Dragons In Gardens get started?

Where are each of you from?

How do you collaborate while being so far away from one another?

How did you meet Emre?

Why did you choose him to master your music?

Before we get into how the song was recorded, I would like to ask you about the details on how the song, Dragons In Gardens, was written? Like, was the music written first and then the lyrics?

I love how the chorus comes right in. Who had their hands in the structure of the song?

On SoundCloud it also mentions OneBeat for the recording. Who is OneBeat and what did they do to contribute to the song?

What type of drums did you use? What are the details about how the beats were created and mixed?

I’d also like to ask about the details for the vocals. What type of microphone did you use on the vocals and what kind of reverb?

Did you use anything else on the vocals, like compression? And if so, what did you use and how was it used?

In regards to the synth sounds, what did you use to get such smooth synth sounds?

I also wanted to give a special shout out to Hannah Devereux for the photograph of you both in the forest. Where was it taken? It’s a really beautiful photo.

In our pre-interview you mentioned a new word (well, it’s new to me!) and I wanted to share it with the audience… it is artivism. You said that artivism is like using art to speak about issues that are dear to your heart. Can you tell me more about what artivism is?

When can we expect to hear more from Dragons In Gardens?

Is there anything else you would like to add for our listeners?

I’ll be sure to post the link to the SoundCloud page for Dragons In Gardens in the show notes, but is there anywhere else the audience can find your music to purchase it or to contact you?


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1 Beat:

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