Lady Audio #23 with Mattias Eklund of Toontrack

October 25, 2016

Hi everyone and thank you for listening to the Lady Audio Podcast. My name is Clara and I will be your host.

Our guest this week is Mattias Eklund, the head of Sound Design at Toontrack. Toontrack Website:

Toontrack is the creator of the EZ Drummer line which includes drums like Metal Machine, Hip Hop, Indie Folk and the new Dream Pop set that we’ll be talking about today.

Toontrack is also the creator of EZ Keys and EZ Mix. EZ Keys includes sounds for Grand Piano, Pipe Organ and Retro Electrics. And EZ Mix bundles include presets for mixing and mastering your tracks. There are mixing presets for drums, bass, guitar, vocals, keys and for your stereo output for mastering. You can even get producer bundles. Oh! And don’t forget the MIDI Expansion Packs. You can also get loops played by real musicians. Whew! They have so many sounds and they’re all incredible.

Also, we'll be playing a song called Phoenix by producer/songwriter duo from Umeå/Sweden called Addeboy vs Cliff.



So without further ado, let’s bring Mattias to the show and talk about the new Dream Pop kit.

Mattias! Welcome to the show, thank you for joining me today.

As I was mentioning in the preinterview, I recently learned how to sample my own sounds and create an instrument in the EXS 24 Sampler in Logic Pro X. I started going around and recording things like sticks on rocks, footsteps, all sorts of things. And the reason why I was doing that was because I wanted to mix in some natural sounds with electronic sounds. Just as I was in the process of doing this, I got the email that Toontrack has a new kit called Dream Pop and it includes many of the sounds I was trying to capture!

Who did you work with to capture the sounds?

What are some of the natural sounds in the new Dream Pop kit?

When I’m capturing samples, I like to use my Zoom H4N. I’ve been using just the onboard mics, but I would like to try other mics too. When you were capturing the natural sounds, what type of mics did you use and what did you record on?

Did you record .wav files and what sample rate did you record at? Was it 44k, 16 bit or higher?

For the drum kit, what kind of a kit was it?

Did you play the beats for the midi loops?

Do you play drums in any of the other drum kits?

Which drums did you use close up mics?

What did you use for room mics?

Let’s talk about some of the electronic sounds. From looking at the pictures online, it looks like you used some old school synths. What are they?

There are 29 preset kits which are customizable and there’s also an FX section. What are the Dragon FX… the ones like Dragon Whiff and Dragon Step?

Here’s the new song I wrote with the new Dream Pop kit. It isn’t finished yet, but I wanted to share it with you in three different ways. The first example is of the tune without vocals. It’s just the Dream Pop Kit, EZ Keys.

The second example is the tune with vocals which uses EZ Mix and a Waves plugin too.

This third example is of the tune with one of the many EZ Mix mastering options.

When we were trying to schedule the interview, you mentioned that you couldn’t make it on one night because you had to rehearse. Are you in a band?

Where can people go to get the new Dream Pop kit or any other Toontrack products?

Is there anything else you would like to say about the new Dream Pop kit or Toontrack?

Thank you so much for joining me tonight Mattias. It was a real pleasure speaking with you about everything.

Artists and products mentioned in this podcast episode:

Toontrack Website:

Toontrack YouTube:

Addaboy vs Cliff:


Say Lou Lou:

Zoom Handyrecorder: (Clara uses the H4N, however, Mattias was might have been using another model and it was much newer than Clara’s.)

Ehrlund microphone:

Gretsch Drums:
Masterworks cymbals: (Music starts automatically!)

Ludwig Snare Drums:



Mutable Instruments:

Thanks for listening everyone! Talk to you next week. All the best till then!


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