Lady Audio #25 with Producer Brynner Agassi

November 22, 2016

It was super cool interviewing Brynner Agassi! He has a great podcast that's called The Mixing Board that's a little like the Lady Audio Podcast. You can check it out here:

Brynner has several years experience as a recording engineer, as well as a producer. He's a drummer too and he gets great drum sounds. As you know, acoustic drums are one of the most difficult instruments to record. Take a listen to the podcast as he talks about the types of drums he uses for recording and how that's different from what he uses for live shows.

Our guest also goes into depth about his most terrible experiences in the studio as well as his most wonderful experiences.

The listening examples are really cool too. The one called Momentum of the Machines is my favorite. 🙂

Another project that Brynner is working on is Displaced Music, a music sound library for film, tv shows, video games, etc. He's building the business with his partner, Michael Mansour, who I hope to have on the Lady Audio show too!

You can visit the Displaced Music website here:

There's an announcement I forgot to make in the audio of the podcast, so I'll say it here in the text. And I'll announce it in the next podcast too. It's about a new recording platform that is yet to hit the market. They're currently looking for a co-founder to help build the company. Here's the job description from their Angel Listing:

Seeking co-founder with Cloud VDI experience at SKR Audio Labs

SKR Audio Labs is seeking a technical co-founder with experience in architecting cloud VDI/desktop streaming experiences such as those from VMWare and/or Citrix. This is for a co-founder role in the interest of assistance in building out a prototype/MVP.

This person should be comfortable with creating a custom viewer client with room for non-standard client-server messaging behaviors (e.g. feeds from peripheral devices) using existing middleware (e.g. View Session Enhancement SDK) or even rolling his/her own on top of open-source layers (e.g. GamingAnywhere, VNC).

This person should ideally also be comfortable with setting up service architectures on AWS, though a simple closed testbed environment will suffice in the short term.

Here's the link to the SKR Audio Labs website:

You can reach Parashar directly by emailing him here:

Thanks for listening everyone!

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Music at the end of the show is Maheekats!


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