Lady Audio #18 with Benny and Marcus of The Livelong June

September 19, 2016

Hey everyone! Got a great show for you this week with the founding members of The Livelong June. They create music that commands your attention. Do you like analog synth sounds? I do! Really cool POP!!! The Livelong June Official Website:

First thing, a quick note on why there wasn't a show last week. Honestly, I was going to post last Sunday, but I was running late. In addition, because last week was the anniversary of 9/11, it just didn't seem right to post on that day. My heart goes out to everyone on the planet who has suffered as a result of war or terror. Blessed be.

And now, the show!

This week our interview is with Benny and Marcus of The Livelong June. They’re a gritty electronic pop group from Sweden. I love pop music and it’s really great to hear some analog sounds mixed in with electronica.

Marcus and Benny, welcome to the show!

How did The Livelong June get started?

Did you decide to do electronic pop from the beginning, or did it just naturally happen?

How do you go about recording the songs, do you both get together after the song is complete and ready to record?

I like the beginning of the song Minus Ten Degrees, what is that?

On another song, Robot Mode, how did you record the vocals? Who is singing and what did you use to process it? Well, I hear a couple of voices, just wondering if it was the same person for all the sections… It works really well with your voice.

Also, I love that line… “you say that you trust me as long as I read your mind”… is that what you’re saying? Do you both write the lyrics?

Which instruments are electronic and which are analog on this song?

Is Robot Mode the song that was mixed or remixed by Hans Olsson Brookes? How did you get him to mix your song?

In the Sadman Remix of That’s Why I Love Weekends, it’s much different than the official release, what’s the story of this remix? Who is Sadman and did you send him the individual stems to remix.

There’s a cool transition at around 2:09… I like how he brought in that cool synth sound from the official version.

You also perform live shows. You have a drummer! Is he an official member of the band?

For your guitar, Benny, what type of amp and guitar pedals do you use for live shows?

And Marcus, what type of amp do you use for the synths?

You’re currently working on a full length album. When can we expect it to be available?

Is there anything else you would like to add for the audience?

Thank you so much for being on the show, I really appreciate it!


In case you didn't know, the name of the band is from a lovely poem...

“I’m Nobody! Who are you?”
By Emily Dickinson

I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – Too?
Then there’s a pair of us!
Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!
How public – like a Frog –
To tell one’s name – the livelong June –
To an admiring Bog!

The Livelong June Official Website:

Of course, I have to admit that the gear page is my favorite page on their website... lol
... just look at all the synths!!!

Anyway, thanks so much for listening today. Have a wonderful trip, and see you next week! I don't know why I just wrote that, but I did, so there. =^.^=

Lady Audio:
Finale song by Maheekats:


Lady Audio #17 with Mateo of XitMuse

September 4, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for listening to the Lady Audio Podcast. My name is Clara Efrona and I'll be your host.

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Our guest today is Mateo of XitMuse. Mateo is a composer and recording and mixing engineer with over a decade of professional experience working alongside several very talented music industry professionals, one of whom I’m very jealous of and that is someone who engineered for Killing Joke.

Mateo, welcome to the show and thanks for joining me.

Your interests weren’t always about music, you started out with a strong interest in science and mathematics. What drew you into the music realm and to start writing and recording?

You do get a really great sound. As a matter of fact, when I visited your YouTube channel to watch the tutorials you have there, I noticed that the sound quality of your voice sounded incredible. What equipment do you use to record the audio of your tutorials?

Your current interests lie in scoring for commercials and films. How do you approach composing? Do you get the visuals and go from there? Or how does that work?

In regards to dynamics, a lot of folks will use a compressor for certain tracks, but you have experience with expanders. Can you talk a little about how an expander works and when you would use it on a track?

What’s the story about the person who engineered for Killing Joke?

What are your three favorite tools to use when you’re mixing?

Where can people go to find out more about your composing and mixing services?

Also, I would love to share your YouTube channel with the audience. Just go to and click on Production Tutorials, from there, you’ll find the YouTube video tutorials.

We’ll add those links in the show notes, so be sure to check them out.


Today’s show was brought to you by Maheekats. Maheekats are a haunting, edgy, dream rock group with a new EP called “Songs from the Woods”. Check them out at

Notable mentions from today's interview:

XitMuse Website:
XitMuse YouTube:

Alf Annibalini:

Black Lion Audio:
Burl Audio:
SSL Duende Channel Strip:
Featured song is "What Will It Take" written by Julie Das: (I'm working on getting the right link for you!)


Lady Audio #16 with Marc Henshall of SoundMatters

August 30, 2016

Welcome to the show everyone. My name is Clara and I’m the host of the Lady Audio podcast.

Thank you for joining me today.

This week’s shout outs go to a few radio stations.

10 Radio -

Strawberry Tongue Radio and Music Magazine - Strawberry Tongue has been around for over 15 years playing post punk, new wave, electronic, goth, dream pop, chillwave, indie, eclectic alternative, and experimental tracks.

Please visit to tune in and to read the blog.

Second shout out goes to Primal Radio and the Primal Music Blog. Along the same genres as Strawberry Tongue they offer hand-picked shoegaze, dream pop, post rock, and post punk. On the Primal Music Blog you’ll find many many reviews also.

To listen to their radio station, just visit One thing to note when you visit the radio station website, the music starts automatically. Just thought I’d let you know so that you would be prepared.

Our final shout out goes to Banks Radio Australia. I’m just now getting into this radio station and when you visit their website the music starts automatically also. To find a show you might be interested in, just visit the “Calendar” page on their website to find their listings.

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Alrighty then! Now onto our interview.

Today’s guest is Marc Henshall of the SoundMatters website and blog. Marc is a sound enthusiast and his website offers very helpful advice, research and resources all related to keeping music sounding great. That means info for both the listener or audiophile and the creator or sound engineer. Marc, welcome to the show!

I grew up listening to records in my room with my friends, we’d sneak a beer or some smoke and trip out with the music. It seems like a lot of kids these days hang out in each other’s rooms the same way, but with YouTube and crappy speakers instead. What do you think about younger generations being attracted to vinyl? Do you think there’s a market there? I mean, with the sale of a vinyl record, you have to have something to play it on… that means buying a record player. Then you’ll have to buy a proper preamp and stereo speakers. It seems like there’s a viable market there.

In your article, 5 things you need to get started with vinyl today, you don’t mention speakers. What are your thoughts about speakers, and what type would you recommend to get started?

What type of speakers do you use?

What is the difference between stereo speakers and audio monitors that sound engineers use for mixing?

I loved the title in your article about the loudness wars “Remastered CD’s: AKA The Biggest Swindle in the Music Business.” Will you please talk a bit about your thoughts on re-mastered recordings?

I took a peek at the Dynamic Range Database you linked to in one of your articles, how do you translate what the results mean? I know DR stands for dynamic range, but what about the three columns of DR for minimum and maximum, etc?

I like your song, Control, on your SoundCloud. Do you record and mix all your own music?

How was it mastered?

Was your process different from your previous releases?

Coming back to SoundMatters, there’s a tab on your website called Sound As Medicine. What are your thoughts about this topic and the project you’re working on?

I remember a project that was fairly active about five for six years ago, I can’t remember the exact name of it now, but there are people out there trying to preserve natural soundscapes. Soundscape ecologists are in a little-known battle with noise pollution from air traffic, road traffic, factory noise and all types of bad noise. What do you think about how noise is impacting our natural resources?

What would you say to someone to try to encourage them to listen to vinyl?

What would you say to sound engineers to encourage them to mix and master with more dynamics?


Sound Matters Blog:

Cue Acoustics:


Some other blog posts by Marc Henshall on the Shure Microphone Blog…

What's the difference between the SM58 and the Beta 58?

Sound Isolating Earphones with Remote Mic for Your Mobile

Keeping Your Microphone Clean

Bob Katz - Mastering Master… lol


Lady Audio #15 with Yorba Acoustics

August 21, 2016

Our guests this week are Zac S. and Zac C. from Yorba Acoustics. Yorba Acoustics is a company that manufactures high-performance audio solutions for live sound.

It was a bunch of fun getting to interview a couple of great people from Yorba Acoustics, their new technology is going to change the face of live sound. Just wait until you hear Zac and Zac tell us more details about the technology Yorba Acoustics has developed.

And we also have five listening examples for you that will be introduced towards the middle of this episode. Here they are in order of appearance...

Cinematic (other speaker)
Cinematic (G1 speaker)
Jazz (other speaker)
Jazz (G1 speaker)
Vocals (other speaker)
Vocals (G1 speaker)
Techno (other speaker)
Techno (G1 speaker)
Acoustic (other speaker)
Acoustic (G1 speaker)

I'm guessing that I'll be asked what the "other" speaker was... please feel free to ask Yorba Acoustics. I had the same question but I haven't asked them yet!


Yorba Acoustics Website:
Yorba Acoustics Facebook:
Yorba Acoustics Twitter:

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Take care till next week everyone.


Lady Audio #14 with Michelle Qureshi Music as Metaphor

August 18, 2016

Our guest this week is Michelle Qureshi. Michelle is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and classically trained guitarist. She writes and records her own music and has a unique style that combines complex guitar compositions with enchanting synth soundscapes.

Michelle, welcome to the show!

I enjoy listening to the different guitar sounds in your recordings. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced when recording an acoustic guitar?

How about with recording an electric guitar?

I’ve interviewed a few instrumentalists that will turn on their recording gear and start writing straight into the box. So I wanted to ask you in regards to writing instrumental music, do you compose the pieces first and then record them?

You have a new album out called Scattering Stars, and I can hear a voice in the song “Overheard”, is that you?

I really like your choice of delay on the guitar in “Overheard”. What is it?

In the song “Given” there’s a really cool slide guitar. It’s warm and bright at the same time. What are the details about recording the guitar on this song? Like the type of guitar you used, the type of slide, did you mic an amp, those types of details.

When you’re mixing electronic synths and keyboard sounds along with organic instruments, like on the song “Solstice”, do you ever find the electronic sounds to be challenging to mix in with the recorded acoustic instruments?

What are the different types of microphones you use when you’re recording?

You also perform live shows. How do you do it… do you play with a sequencer?

What would you say to encourage someone who is thinking about recording their own music?

Where can people go to listen to and buy your music?

And if I were to hire you for a performance, how would I go about doing that?


Michelle Qureshi Official Website:

Michelle Qureshi BandCamp:

ROLI Seaboard Rise:

Sunburst Gear:

Elite Acoustics:

Heart Dance Records:


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Lady Audio #13 with Michael Ferentino of Bedtime for Robots

August 13, 2016

Hey everybody, how are you today?

My name is Clara and I’m the host of the Lady Audio podcast. Thank you for listening.

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I only have one plug today and that is for my new podcast videocast show called Wyrd Stories. It’s a show about the #paranormal and includes stories about #ghosts, #crypto #creatures, #UFOs, #miracles and stuff like that. If you have a #weird story to share, send me an email. My email address is Thank you!

Oh wait, I lied, I have one more announcement to make and it’s in regards to today’s guest, Michael Ferentino. Be sure to subscribe to MF Television on YouTube. Mr. Ferentino hosts a monthly video cast that is strange with extra super strange webs tangled within. I’ve included the link in the show notes, so be sure to subscribe and enjoy his show!

And now onto the interview.

Our guest this week is Michael Ferentino of Bedtime for Robots, Love in Reverse, The Miles Hunt Club, and if you really really dig deeply, you’ll find Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. In addition to being an incredible guitar player, Michael also has an interest in vintage horror, sci fi and neuroscience. Did I just say neuroscience? Yes, #neuroscience.

Michael, welcome to the show! Thank you for joining me.

Okay, I also have a love for vintage horror and sci fi. And I know my first question should probably be something along the lines of how you got started with recording, but I’m going to save that for a little bit later. My first question is, how did you develop an interest for horror?

I think it really shows in Bedtime for Robot’s video Home Sweet Home. The visuals are not bloody or anything, but the music makes you feel like something bad is about to happen. It’s actually really suspenseful!

But besides the videos for your music, you’ve also started a YouTube TV show called Michael Ferentino After Hours. Your first video was just released in June. What’s the story behind this project?

And how about neuroscience? What got you started in that field?

What are a few of the main things you’ve learned about how sound affects our emotions?

Do you incorporate those facets into your music?

Okay, now for digging into your music… You have an extensive history of writing and recording your own music. What did you use to record the demo tapes for Love in Reverse?

You have a newer project now called Bedtime for Robots (love that name by the way), it’s mainly an electronic venture and I can hear hues of 80s horror synths weaving throughout. How did Bedtime for Robots get started?

In regards to the synth sounds, what do you use, and do you have any signature techniques for stretching the parameters of the default synth sounds?

Off your most recent album, Big Sleep Little Death, the songs sometimes have a strong industrial vibe to them. But then there are these strange sounds the pop out at you, like on National Lobotomy. Can you talk a bit about that?

There are some collaborators on the album, can you speak about who they are and why you chose them to collaborate with?

How did you record the guitar on the song Big Sleep Little Death? Which guitar did you use and what type of effects did you use on it?

Are you working on any more releases right now or is your focus mainly on the new After Hours show?

Where’s the best place to go to find your music online?

I’ll post the link to the YouTube channel, MF Television, in the show notes.

Bedtime for Robots:

MF Television:

Episode 1 of Michael Ferentino After Hours:

Songs played:
A Test by Almark:
National Lobotomy by Bedtime for Robots:
Big Sleep Little Death by Bedtime for Robots:

Lady Audio:


Lady Audio #12 with Moor Mother and Neither

August 11, 2016

Hello there everyone, thank you for listening. We have two excellent guests for you today with Moor Mother Goddess and then with Smiljana aka Neither.

A couple of announcements before we get to the interviews…

First is that I wanted to thank you, the listener, for downloading and sharing the shows, donating to Lady Audio and for supporting the guest’s too. It really means a lot to me and the artists we have on the show. So thank you for your support. You are supporting the real music industry and it’s what we all need right now to encourage more artists to stay creative and give us something good to listen to.

The second announcement is if you are in the audio business, whether you’re an audio engineer, someone who builds guitar effect stompboxes, or if you’re a musician who records your own music, send me an email. I would love to hear from you. My email address is

Now on to the interviews.

Our guest this week is Camae, otherwise known as Moor Mother Goddess, a very talented artist who is a very prolific writer with really cool mixes.

Camae, welcome to the show.

My first question is in regards to how you got started with writing music. Will you please tell us about your history with music?

How did you get started with recording your music, and what did you start out with?

Where did the name Moor Mother Goddess come from… what’s the story behind it?

On the album “Occult Scorpio Technologies” and on some of your other works, the songs end abruptly.  Personally, I think it’s very different from others might do… fading out or creating an ending, and that was one of the reasons why I liked your style. Why did you choose to go that route rather than fading out or something else?

When you’re putting a song together, do you start recording it right away, or do you write it first and then start recording it?

Besides really good mixes, you also create works for certain causes. Will you please explain about one or two of your works and the causes they’re associated with?

You also play live music and you have a tour coming up. How are your live shows different from your recorded works?

In addition to the tour, I believe you said you have another new album coming out. Are you still recording it, mixing it? Where are you in the process, and when can we expect it to be released?

What would you say to someone who is just starting out with recording their own music?

Thank you for joining me today, Camae, I really appreciate it.

Today we welcome to the show, Smiljana Nikolic, also known as Neither. From minimalistic to classical sounds mixed into industrial, Neither does a fantastic job of capturing feelings. Neither, welcome to the show.

It’s always cool to meet someone who does all the recording and mixing of their music. Can you speak a little bit about why you like to record and mix your music all by yourself?

Do you use studio monitors, or do you mix just with headphones?

You’ve got some great vocal takes. What is the mic that you’re using on your vocals?

You didn’t always have those microphones. What were you using before?

I really enjoyed your choice of reverb and delay on “A Black Hole Too Far” - what did you use on that?

You mentioned that you have a Lexicon - do you mean a real Lexicon or a plugin?

Your single, Mindf*ck, has a very industrial sound, and yet there’s also an organic element with the piano. Can you talk a bit more about your musical background and how you came to blend musical styles like industrial and classical?

Thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show, I really appreciate it, Neither.


Camae - Moor Mother:

Smiljana Nicolic - Neither:

Lady Audio:


Lady Audio #11 with Scott Lawlor

August 7, 2016

In this interview Scott Lawlor and I go off into different directions talking about jumping out of planes, being blind and riding a bike really fast downhill, obtaining my first Killing Joke album, an upcoming collaboration for a Halloween show, etc. Needless to say, we got to talking!

Here are the show notes:

For this week’s interview we welcome Scott Lawlor. Scott is a recording genius who creates soundscapes that capture emotions unlike any other ambient musician I’ve ever heard. His music can evoke emotions that crumble down into horrifying chambers and yet other works can soar to the outskirts of the universe to give perspective, almost like sensing the overview effect that some astronauts claim to feel when they’re floating in outer space.

Scott, welcome to the show!

What drew you into writing and recording ambient music?

What do you use to record your music? Which DAW?

There are several Drone Excursions on your BandCamp. How are these created?

How do the Drone Excursions differ from your albums? My guess is that an album with a name has more of an idea or emotion attached to it.

Speaking of emotional soundscapes, you have a new album coming out called Political Correctness and ISIS are malignant cancers undermining all social cultures. Let’s talk about this. It’s fascinating. I’ve included the liner notes in the description of this podcast, so the audience can read that as well.

What’s the story behind the creation of this album?

The names of the songs are really long. For instance, the first song is titled “Political correctness is the black horse of death by which terrorism freely rides in to destroy and abolish innocence”

The sixth song is titled “May ISIS be avenged for barbarism inflicted on innocence of the world by the ghosts of their victims who scream for perpetual blood” - What did you use to get the drum sounds on this song and the other ones that have drums?

For the tenth song, what is the 9th circle of hell and the 72 verminous swine? I don’t know what those terms mean.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this subject with me. And also thank you for creating such a powerful collection of work. I hope it reaches people on a really deep level, like it did for me.

Let’s touch base on another work of yours that I really like. It’s called Polar Night on Titan, Titan being one of the moons of Saturn. You collaborated with Dronny Darko, what’s the story behind this piece?

It sounds like what I imagine outer space to sound like and sounds of encountering strange cosmic beings on this Titan moon. What did you use to get the sounds for it?

Thank you for joining me today, Scott. I would love to have you on the show again in the future. Would you be willing to collaborate for a Halloween show?

We spoke briefly during the preinterview about another album of yours called Plagues of Egypt. Is that the album you said would make a great scary show or was it something else?

Thanks again for joining me, I really do look forward to chatting with you again in the near future.


ALBUM: Political correctness and ISIS are malignant cancers undermining all social cultures:
LINER NOTES: A month after the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando Florida, (and yes, it was an act of terrorism, not a shooting) I am coming out with a much more controversial statement regarding the matter.
Though my condolences for those who have been left behind will never fade and though there is a profound sadness in my heart for the condition of our world, I also feel a rage and fury towards two very distinct and destructive ideologies which I believe to be responsible for the attacks here and abroad, those being ISIS and political correctness.
This album will certainly offend the hell out of the politically correct crowd but I believe it is about time that this group of people got a rude awakening because they have twisted and perverted a concept of tolerance and respect into submissive acquiescence and capitulation by surrendering their own beliefs and values to appease the mob rule of the crowds who will never be satisfied with their efforts to compromise and agree with them on whatever the political or cultural issue of the day may be.
This album is also a message to the political elitists who have made the world a more dangerous place in which to live because of their absolute refusal to call out religious extremists for their barbaric attacks on American soil and around the world.
This is a glimpse into a future not too far off, one in which the forces of absolute evil plunder and destroy because there was no one left with courage to stand for civility and to meet such barbarism with oppositional justice.  They were all too  timid, too full of fear, too concerned with offending anyone lest they be met with scorn and derision and as a result, their fragile feelings were more important than their very lives and in the end, the planet was left decimated and void of human activity.

ALBUM: Elegy for a fragmented world:

ALBUM: Polar night on Titan:

ALBUM: Plagues: This album is scheduled for release on October 31st, 2016 - Stay tuned for our super special Halloween episode!

We Are All Ghosts Label:

Dronny Darko:

Killing Joke:

Lady Audio:

That's it! Take care everyone... talk to you later on this week when I have TWO SURPRISE SHOWS for you! One on Wednesday and another on Friday... woot woot! Three shows this week!


Lady Audio #10 with Hetty Bloom

July 31, 2016

Interview with Hetty Bloom - Hetty is a Finnish producer/composer residing in Scotland.

Hey hey everyone, My name is Clara and I’m the host of the Lady Audio Radio Show, thank you for joining me this week. I have a few shoutouts for you before we jump into our interview.

The first shout out is to ProducerTweets for all the good laughs.

Another shout out goes to and their fabulous weekly Twitter Chat. All you have to do is #ggchat and join in the fun!

Number three shout out goes to and - they offer a great radio station and new music reviews.

My final shout out goes to a new project I’ve started called Wyrd Stories. Wyrd is spelled w y r d - and it’s an ancient way of spelling the word weird. It’s a video podcast featuring stories about ghosts, crypto creatures, UFO encounters and strange things of a paranormal nature. If you’re interested in listening to people tell their amazing stories, this would be the place to listen. You can check it out and subscribe on YouTube.

As always, I’ll post the links to all these shout outs in the show notes.

And on a different note, I love to interview artists who record their own music. If you’re interested in being on the show, please send me an email. My email address is

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Thank you for listening. Talk to you soon.

Our guest this week is Hetty Bloom. Hetty is a producer as well as a musician. She’s currently working on new music for a project called Electric Tiffany, and she’s working on a score for a film about mental diseases.

Hetty, welcome to the show, thank you for joining me today.

Question 1: You’re currently working on music for a film called Pixies which is about mental illnesses. As a producer, how are you approaching what type of music to accompany the documentary?

Question 2: The music for Electric Tiffany is much different. The song you have on SoundCloud called “Follow” has a really good feel to it. Can you tell us about the story of recording and mixing that song?

Question 3: You’re currently looking for more production, mixing, and remix work in addition to composing for film. And yet, some people may think you have a disadvantage because you have dyslexia, while others will think of it as an advantage, especially in the music industry or art industries. Can you let us know a little bit about your background and experience?
< being able to sense the world in shapes, colours and moods but not remembering the names of different compressors or settings >

Links and shout outs mentioned in the show:

Hetty Bloom's website:
Electric Tiffany's SoundCloud:

Go Girls Music:
Primal Radio Live:
Primal Music
Wyrd Stories Podcast:

Other notables to mention from the interview.

Megan Andrews - fellow recording engineer

Glue Compressor in Ableton Live

Lady Audio Website:

That's it everybody! Thanks again for listening. Talk to you next week!


Lady Audio #9 with Willie Green

July 24, 2016

Lady Audio Interview with Willie Green

Our guest this week is Paul “Willie Green” Womack. Willie Green is a producer, recording engineer and mixing engineer. He’s been writing and recording music since he was a kid with just a couple of boom boxes to record with.

Below you'll find the questions I asked.

First off, I wanted to say that I love the darker element in some of your tunes. Or should I say the truer elements of your music. It’s really refreshing, and I wanted to ask what encourages you to write about the truth and more meaningful topics?

With the album, A Suite for Souled People, it’s a really sensitive topic that few will want to venture into in this current world where people are afraid they might “offend their audience” rather than encourage them to make a change within their own beliefs and views. Did you ever have any doubts about releasing that EP?

Besides the darker side, there’s also a really light-hearted side, as in Fasho Fasho or Gettin’ Started, off the album, We Live In The Future. I wanted to ask about the featured artists on the album. What is it that you like about collaborating with other artists?

Do they record their own takes and send them to you? How does that work?

Who played guitar on Gettin’ Started? What type of guitar, mic, and all those techy details please! Haha! Just kidding, you don’t have to give the secret away, but I like that funk guitar and the way it sits in the mix.

[SPECIAL NOTE: It was really nice of Willie Green to get some of the details for us from the guitar player, Kenji Shinagawa, about his guitar sound on the song Gettin’ Started. Here’s the scoop…

"When I record electric guitar at home, I use an Audio Technica AT-4047 -> MBox 2 Pro -> Pro Tools (Version 5 at the time, I believe)

I think I played my Fender Telecaster and Jazzmaster for the two different tracks.  Both times it went straight into my Victoria 518, which is basically a clone of a tweed era Fender champ.  It gets an amazing sound at a manageable volume.  That is my go-to recording amp.  I could have run through a clean boost pedal, which I sometimes do, but I can't remember.  I place the mic not too close to the speaker.]

I could go on about that album… the kick on High Voltage, for instance, but if I did, this would easily be a three hour show. So I just have to highly encourage people to go to your BandCamp, put on the good headphones, and have a listen and buy your music.

How do you choose the people you wish to collaborate with?

You have a new album coming out. What’s the name of it and what’s the inspiration behind this new project?

Are there any new collaborators on it?

Obviously, one of the elements that encouraged me to contact you to be on the show is because you’re really good at creating beats. What’s the name of the drum machine you recorded with when you were a kid?

And what are you using these days to create beats?

As a mixing engineer, you have experience working with different genres. What are some of the main differences between mixing hip hop and a singer songwriter with just piano and vocals?

What are your three favorite plugins right now? I realize this could change as we explore more and more, but for right now, what are your favs?

A project you worked on recently was with Elucid. What did you work on with Elucid? Were you the producer and did you also collaborate with musical ideas? What’s the story behind that project?

What’s the best way to contact you for producing or mixing?

Where can people go to listen to and purchase your music?

Willie Green's Website:

Willie Green's BandCamp:

Songs played in order of appearance:
Funeral (w/Elucid) - A Suite for Souled People
Mourning (w/Curly Castro) - A Suite for Souled People
Revival (w/Billy Woods) - A Suite for Souled People
Gettin' Started (Ooh Baby) Ft. Corina Corina - We Live In The Future